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Quality Assurance and Quality Control What’s the Difference?

The QA team investigates and finds that the company’s roof tile supplier changed the composition of its tiles. After speaking with experts, the team realizes the supplier’s cheaper components make their tiles more porous. A national roofing installer receives an increase in customer complaints about leaks.

Concentrating withdrawals on inspection alone can lead to inaccuracies and potential product faults. At the same time, control is necessary as confirmation that a process-oriented approach allows you to receive top-level quality. The basic control task is to ensure that your software or technological solution meets the standards by testing their functional and non-functional requirements. During the testing, specialists record bugs and notify the manager, who decides whether to accept or reject the digital product. While QA is oriented towards the prevention of defects in a product, QC focuses on its detection and fixing. Hence, the main goal of QA is to gauge what might go wrong before and during the SDLC by setting up criteria for the software product.

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Therefore, you should organise the comprehensive quality assurance process properly. Therefore, all of them take responsibility for proper quality assurance and should follow SOPs set previously for the entire team. As you can see, quality assurance and quality control responsibilities are different, so do not confuse them. Many quality managers prefer quality assurance over quality control because this work is more creative. “Dirty” tasks like refactoring, cleaning up tech debt, fishing out bugs often fall off the priority list.

It involves defining standards for product design, manufacture, packaging, distribution, marketing, and sales. Quality assurance control systems are the methods and procedures which are used to safeguard quality standards. Quality control systems measure parts, including the outputs of the system.

Quality Assurance (QA) vs Quality Control (QC)

These could involve techniques for examining cookie manufacture and creation. You must handle every production element to ensure that every cookie meets these requirements beginning with the contents. This phase is essential for formulating your recipe and establishing your product’s quality standards. The various approaches to quality control are the taguchi method, six sigma, an x-bar chart, and 100% inspection mode. A QA specialist’s grade determines the area of responsibility and salary. The main argument against gradation is the difficulty to distinguish between a Middle QA Engineer from a Senior or a Junior from a Middle.

  • As both QA and QC intend to reduce or eliminate waste, knowledge of Lean manufacturing would improve your skills.
  • On Coursera, you can take courses from the University of Georgia on Six Sigma, including the Six Sigma Principles.
  • The latter is based on Lean project management principles, which focus on eliminating waste, increasing customer satisfaction, and elevating a company’s profit margin.
  • Quality Assurance ensures the absence of deep-rooted issues in the development and testing processes.
  • These quality issues are detected before products and services are delivered to customers.

As for the QC measures, the specific employees conduct these activities, including compliance with SOPs during all the mandatory processes. These workers also document all shortcomings during the process validation and product testing stages. Quality assurance concentrates on preventing issues, so it has an orientation toward processes. Therefore, a dedicated team can avoid performance issues and failures in all versions of the software. Quality control, in turn, orients on the product and determines bugs in the finished digital solution.

What Is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are both indispensable processes in Quality Management. Drawing the distinctions between the two helps to define clearly their scope and priorities. Having separate QA and QC experts brings clarity to the process and allows teams to focus both on short-term and long-term objectives. Quality assurance vs. Quality control Quality control management and execution are carried out by a testing team. Their responsibility is to clean up after the development stage and notify the QA team. If we transformed software development into food production, Quality Assurance would be responsible for ensuring that the food is cooked properly.

Principal distinctions between QA & QC

Becoming a Junior QA Engineer means that you can solve certain tasks independently and don’t need as much supervision as an Intern usually does. Making notes, expressing interest in the tech details, looking for the necessary information, and delving deeper into the processes will help the trainee advance to a Junior position faster. A trainee gets a chance to improve their skill in writing bug reports, test cases, and other test documentation. The presence of a mentor, however, doesn’t mean that a more experienced co-worker is going to do most of the work.

Principal distinctions between QA & QC

The decision to use QC or QA depends on the specific needs and objectives of your organization and the stage of your product lifecycle or service delivery. See the next section for specific guidelines when to use QC and QA. The QC process is reactive, and its purpose is to determine defects in product quality after they’ve occurred. It tests products to ensure they meet the QA-defined requirements. If any quality issue is identified, then several (preventive and corrective) actions need to be taken in order to fix it. Additionally, the outputs of the non-confirmed product can trigger a QA step in order to evaluate and investigate the issue further.

Principal distinctions between QA & QC

Qualio’s eQMS is built specifically for startup and scale-up life sciences companies. If your company needs a scalable, simple QMS platform, we’d love to show you what Qualio can do for  Quality Assurance and Quality Control with a personalized demo. Learn about quality management in the information systems industry with The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Information Systems Auditing, Controls, and Assurance course. Rutgers has a course geared toward working in the health care industry, Quality Improvement in Healthcare Organizations.

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Companies must develop strategies for meeting quality standards before any product is manufactured. Testing activities should also be performed during the production process and validated at the end. Finally, monitoring should take place over time to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

Principal distinctions between QA & QC

This means that you should always have a critical appraisal of your firm’s Quality Assurance (QA) System to ensure consistent improvements. Quality Management System (QMS) focuses on optimizing the quality of the output and no wonder both Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are the basis of a QMS. Moreover, together with the industry-specific quality legislations and standards, QA and QC make up the structure of the Quality Management System. Both QC and QA can help your organization be compliant with the necessary regulations and produce the best products possible. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Here are nine steps for establishing a QA program in your organization:

Many businesses view their QA program as a promise to internal stakeholders and customers that the company will deliver high-quality products that provide a positive user experience. The starting point is the QC team – they form product requirements, set criteria, and provide a set of metrics. QC takes over by implementing these frameworks into actual testing. Then QC sends their insights back to QA – now, the assurance team can use the feedback to detect development and testing issues. Rather than being focused on systems and long-term deliverables, they have software quality objectives in mind.

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