Adaware Review – Does Ad-Aware Really Work?

Adware is a form of malware that is installed on your system without your awareness. It can then spy on your computer to determine what you are looking for and display ads related to those searches. This can result in large number unwanted ads which can be extremely distracting and slow your PC. It can also pose serious health, privacy and security risks. Adware can also be used to steal your information and sell it to advertisers.

Lavasoft the company that developed Adaware, has been creating antivirus software for a long time and is a legit company. It is easy to install and does not require you to remove your current antivirus. After it’s installed you can perform a quick full or custom scan from the main dashboard, and then run product updates.

Adaware offers three plans including free, Pro and Total. The free plan includes real-time protection as well as download protection but does not https://programworld.org/the-future-of-board-portal-management-software-bpms include the ability to block ads. The Pro version is more complete and includes unlimited tech support as well as web and email protection and a powerful firewall. It also includes the digital lock, a parental control and a file shredder.

Ad-aware blocked 95.4% in AV-Comparatives Real-World testing however, it was unable to block 97% of zero-day test samples. While these results may appear acceptable, they’re not exactly impressive when compared with the best in the field. Both the Pro and Total versions of this antivirus are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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